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Survive. Innovate. Thrive.

Three words that make up the foundation of our ethos. We started with these three concepts and created a company dedicated to the survival and prosperity of museums. But who are we? Simply put, we are museum enthusiasts and our goal is to champion fresh voices and innovation to ensure a vibrant future for museums everywhere. Join us in our journey towards advancing ideas to strengthen museums and arts organizations for education, advocacy, entertainment, and engagement.

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Innovation. Technology. Design. Fundraising. Engagement. Entertainment.

What major questions are being asked around the world about the future of the museum sector? 

With our host, Nick, we delve deeper into the new technologies, architecture, events, culinary experiences, and avenues of connection that are quickly integrating into the DNA of museums. Hear from museum directors, curators, professionals, intellectuals, thought-provokers, and many others in Museum Evolution as they come together to offer insight and discourse on the major topics that are shaping the institutions we love today.

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